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Futaris takes its relationship with our customers very seriously.  We understand it is essential for you to have the resources and support you need to manage your business.  We have decades of experience in designing, procuring and integrating a variety of complex systems. For quality assurance and customer satisfaction, we have defined a customer-centric process that begins at the initial customer contact and is carried on through the entire life of our relationship with our customers. This structured methodology ensures the most professional, seamless conversion in the industry.

System Profiles:

  • Specialty radio systems linking sportscasters, directors, and cameramen for multi-event television broadcasting. The first system was designed in 1988, and installed to support media coverage of the Olympic games in Seoul, South Korea. A similar system was deployed in Barcelona, Spain for the 1992 Olympics.
  • Private communications systems for support of remote sites, integrating satellite, microwave, local telephone exchanges, mobile radio stations, monitoring, alarm and security systems, navaids, and video teleconferencing.
  • Cellular and trunked radio networks, including transportable equipment modules pre-assembled and transported to the site.
  • Portable electronics shelters housing communications systems, monitoring and control equipment.
  • Integration of Internet access, data, and voice requirements in support of exploration and production of oil and minerals.

Construction and Installation

As part of our commitment to provide you with world-class service, we have developed a highly defined implementation procedure.  Our information gathering techniques and our detailed site surveys allow us to customize solutions best suited to meet your requirements.  We specialize in executing projects of varying types and degrees of complexity.  Many of our installations have been implemented in remote locations under the worst of climatic extremes.

We have developed expertise in logistically supporting construction and installation of the following technologies under difficult and isolated conditions:

futaris construction Installation

  • C band and KU band earth stations
  • Stabilized antenna systems
  • Navigational aids
  • Terrestrial microwave
  • VHF/UHF/HF radio systems
  • Cellular and trunked radio networks
  • Communications towers
  • Power generations plants
  • Voice, facsimile, and data encryption equipment

Project Management

Your satisfaction is what we strive for at Futaris.  Our customer-centric process focuses on every stage of our relationship and every customer is assigned a team of project managers who specialize in delivering quality service.  Our methodology clearly defines team member’s responsibilities at each phase of the project and identifies all deliverables expected from the team.  Each aspect of our process is documented and held to the highest standards.  We work with you on a consistent basis to communicate progress towards our common goal.  Our project management goes beyond the install to provide unsurpassed customer satisfaction. We establish quarterly reviews to discuss new products and technologies, and we conduct a thorough analysis of performance and outstanding needs.  Our goal is to earn your trust and our priority is to keep it!