Alaska Telecom, Inc. Unveils New Name and Brand

futaris logoAlaska Telecom Enters the 4th Quarter of 2012 With a New Name and Fresh Look

Alaska Telecom, Inc., a leading provider of satellite communication and broadcasting services, announces Futaris as the new name for the 30-year-old company. The new name and brand is featured on the company’s website,

The new look is the latest milestone in a transformation process that began over a year ago.  The brand reflects the dynamic approach to the company’s marketplace offering which incorporates a robust product suite and world-class service.

Based on the word future, Futaris represents limitless possibilities and progress.   The name also speaks to the innovative technologies Futaris brings to the marketplace.  The new brand identity is supported by a new logo which signifies a global outward reach to make connections that are accessible everywhere.  The grey arch and red wings form a ring that is symbolic of the organization’s service integration, integrity, and experience.

“When an organization’s future products and services are limitless, its brand and image should also be free of rigid constraints.”  states Futaris president, Daniel Boone.  Daniel goes on to say, “The name and logo are confident and visually unique and they represent the strength of our company.”

The Futaris platform changes the nature of what satellite communications is capable of achieving.  The IP platform transforms satellite communications into a mainstream solution able to extend high-speed secure connectivity to any industry in any geography globally.

About Futaris: Futaris has been providing communication solutions to industries and government agencies across the world for the past 30 years.  The company has optimized an IP over satellite environment by building one of the best traffic management systems in the industry.  Futaris is able to extend private networks to remote offices; support mobile connectivity across land, sea, and air; provide rural telephony and broadband Internet; and maintain communications in the wake of network failures and natural disasters.  When it comes to powering the next generation of high bandwidth applications, Futaris is ideally positioned to provide premier communication solutions to customers around the globe.