Oil & Gas

The search for new sources of oil, gas, and minerals can take drilling companies to isolated locations with harsh conditions. These conditions intensify the demand for reliable voice, data, and video access.  The Futaris Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) network is ideally suited to meet the demands of these circumstances.  We provide remote monitoring and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications that offer the highest levels of security.  Our VSAT network operates completely independent of terrestrial networks and can be deployed to any geographic region, under any conditions.

If you have personnel in the field, your network needs to be as mobile as they are.  The Futaris network provides the tools to bring reliable communications services connecting drilling locations, pipelines, camps and regional offices to Headquarters.  We offer seamless connectivity to thousands of remote sites, centralized management, end-to-end accelerated Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities, real time applications and SCADA and remote applications.  Our iDirect satellite router is a compact terminal that delivers a satellite modem, IP router, TCP optimization over satellite, 3DES/AES encryption, and QoS prioritization to keep you connected no matter where the job takes you.