Healthcare & Emergency Responders

emergency response communications

By definition, a disaster is a sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss or destruction. Because of the unexpected occurrence of a disaster, the ability to quickly set up and deploy communication systems is crucial.

At Futaris our expertise lies in navigating challenging environments and implementing complex telecommunication solutions to achieve successful disaster relief efforts.

To overcome obstacles in dire situations, Futaris provides high-speed IP communication via satellite and Land Mobile Radios (LMR), completely independent of terrestrial infrastructure. As a result, first response, medical, and other emergency teams have full communication capability regardless of where the disaster occurred. Our solutions support medical imaging applications, minimizing the need for ground crews to travel across remote areas to exchange critical medical information.

Whether in densely populated urban areas where infrastructure may be damaged, or in remote locations without infrastructure, Futaris provides cost-effective solutions that are simple to deploy, configure and manage throughout the lifecycle of the situation. In addition, Futaris can utilize legacy technology by layering a new platform on top of an existing system, thereby helping entities manage CAPEX and decrease the time needed to deploy the new technology.

Healthcare organizations and emergency responder teams benefit from ease of deployment, maximum flexibility and high bandwidth and security levels.