About Us

world graphicAt Futaris our expertise lies in connecting you to your people regardless of their location and circumstances.  We have been providing communication solutions for over 30 years to all industries from traditional corporate environments to challenging field situations.  Over the years, demand for public safety and remote communication needs have grown and our ability to provide innovative solutions to meet those demands has established us as a world-class communications provider.  We are able to extend private networks to remote offices; support mobile connectivity across land, sea, and air; provide rural telephony and Internet broadband; and maintain communications in the wake of network failures and disasters.

We have optimized an IP over satellite environment by building one of the best traffic management systems in the industry.  Futaris utilizes industry proven technologies to provide secure, efficient, and scalable solutions for your most demanding situations.

Our solutions include integrated voice and data communication services, expertise in satellite communications, terrestrial microwave, conventional and trunked VHF/UHF/HF radio systems, communication towers and shelters, and innovative broadcast transport.  Our services include engineering, network design and implementation, construction and installation, and project and site management for all of our solutions.

When it comes to powering the next generation of high bandwidth applications, Futaris is ideally positioned to provide premier communication solutions to customers around the globe.